Intra-Disciplinary Training

The program in Sleep and Cardiovascular Medicine and Sleep Medicine Epidemiology (PSCM-SME) are committed to training the next generation of sleep researchers. Our international group of trainees includes undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral researchers and clinical fellows. Current clinical and research fellows include researchers trained in medicine, statistics, physiology, genetics, engineering and computer science. All of our trainees participate in one on one weekly individual meetings with their mentors and weekly group trainee discussion meetings. Each trainee maintains a career development plan, which is a form of the individual development plan recently promoted by the NIH and required by the BWH for postdoctoral researchers. More senior trainees are asked to present at our research in progress meeting, which is open to the scientific community. Most of our trainees have competed successfully to fund their current research program.

Please contact our faculty to discuss short and long term trainee opportunities.

Affiliated Graduate Students

Hyun (Monica) Kim · PhD Candidate
Boston University, Psychology

Affiliated Fellows

Chandra L. Jackson, PhD
Research Associate, Harvard School of Public Health

Former Trainees

Andre Campiolo Boin
Visiting Medical Student, Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Anne-Marie Chang, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health, Pennsylvania State University

Guido Simoneli
Research Associate, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Tanya Weinstock, MD
Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Visiting Faculty

Sandra Fuchs, MD, PhD
Professor, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Flavio Fuchs
Professor, Hospital De Clínicas De Porto Alegre